Dark Mass Video Productions is a high-end video production company, serving Grande Prairie and beyond.  We are dedicated to cinematic storytelling in every genre we work in, including commercial advertising, music videos and narrative filmmaking.  

We have the equipment, expertise and determination to execute extremely high video production values on every project.  Equipment includes the latest state of the art cameras capable of everything from super slow motion to time-lapse photography and everything in between.  We have a vast array of stabilization devices such as cranes, dollies and electronic camera motion control, creating only the highest film production standards available in the area.  To top it off, Dark Mass has professional lighting to give subjects that Cinematic appeal that will leave your viewers in amazement. 

We are please to announce the following press release from Full Blood Moon Entertainment INC: click here

Cameron Belseth president and owner at Dark Mass Productions

Our latest project Bohemian Blood trailer and press interviews.  The film has gotten international distribution out of Los Angeles and has been officially selected at Cannes International Pan African Film Festival, the New York Independent Film Festival, Marina Del Ray CA, Hollywood Independent Cinefestival and Culvert City CA.  The selections are still rolling in as this is updated.  The film is 22 minutes in length, we are now currently writing a full length feature version with Full Blood Moon Entertainment INC.  Check out the original trailer and followed by the two part interviews!!

Fall of 2014 Dark Mass was approached by Checker Owl to help produce a music video for local country music talent Brad Simms in Beaverlodge Alberta.

This was the first annual Frantic 48 short film challenge (2014) held by the reelshortsfilmfestival.ca and PRIMAA (Prairie Region Independant Media Arts Association) in which teams had 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film under 7 minutes.  The competition was steep, so we knew we would have to make a shocking film to win the audience choice award.  Success was achieved but at the price of no sleep and not much food for 48 hours!  This dark and twisted story is based on a true story some of you may remember from the news, the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.  Our genre given was "coming of age drama", the phrase we had to use was "if it don't make dollars, then it don't make sense" and our prop was a picture we had to make ourselves of John Wayne the actor.  Contains disturbing content, nudity and/or otherwise offensive content, viewer discrestion is advised.

Dark Mass was honoured to be chosen by Nine10 marketing and Director Gordie Haakstad for a large scale production, shot right here in our home town of Grande Prairie.  This is just one of many that was part of the 12 month campaign for Hansen Ford Lincoln. 

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