Dark Mass Video Productions is a high-end video production company, serving Grande Prairie and beyond.  We are dedicated to cinematic storytelling in every genre we work in, including commercial advertising, music videos and narrative filmmaking.  

We have the equipment, expertise and determination to execute extremely high video production values on every project.  Equipment includes the latest state of the art cameras capable of super slow motion as well as time-lapse photography.  We have a vast array of stabilization devices such as cranes, dollies and electronic camera motion control, creating only the highest film production standards available in the area.  To top it off, Dark Mass has professional lighting to give subjects that Cinematic appeal that will leave your viewers in amazement. 


Cameron Belseth president and owner at Dark Mass Productions

Recently Dark Mass Video Productions has upgraded to 2 and 4K raw recording.  This was a little experiment with 2K raw files shot at the Wapiti River south of Grande Prairie AB.  Quiet the workflow to say the least this took three days to put together!!  Enjoy: 

A film friend called me and asked if we would shoot a music video for a local artist.  I said sure and the rest is history.  This was extremely low budget and shot primarily in a day, with some pick ups the next morning.  Great experience for us all.

My latest passion project shot in February 2014.  A passion project is simply a project in which you get inspired to shoot something maybe based on something you saw or can see happening within your imagination.  This case it was a little of both.  I Cameron Belseth, the president of Dark Mass Video Productions got home from a job early in the morning and saw the light was beautiful and wanted to shoot right away.  I knew I needed some subjects so I let my dogs out and we had some fun shooting.  Then before I had a chance to edit the footage a bad wind storm came through and gave a display I had to also film. I decided it was "The Perfect Day" to edit a story together.  The idea is that it's a perfect day because I didn't have to work in this horrible weather but instead settle in on the couch and edit with a favourite cup of joe, safe and warm with my dogs.  The couch scene was actually night time and I lit it to look like a stormy day. Enjoy:

While writing a script for a feature film due to start production in the spring of 2015. I was inspired to shoot a video of a man baking in his kitchen.  I happen to know an awesome cook whom I visited while in Austin Texas in early December 2013. Therefore I shot this rather moody and lengthy piece. Due to plane travel I shot this hand held, one lens and no lighting.

After taking in Alex Buono's workshop in Austin Texas, he's the DP at SNL, I had an idea for a webisode program called The FYI Show which would feature fake commercials.  This was originally one of those commercials made for content.  It ended up being a real long and semi-real commercial for Grande Prairie Bar called Bar One.  (Soundtrack may change soon.)

Also the there is the intro for the FYI Show which featured Grande Prairie's Mayor Bill Given and many others!

This was a lighting workshop for Prairie Region Independent Media Arts Association (PRIMAA) which turned into a spur of the moment two hour film challenge, in which we all made this up as we shot it! Lots of fun. 

Dark Mass Video Productions also has super slow motion. Shooting at up to 480 frames per second (fps) in HD. Soon available in 2K (2048x1556) at 240fps continuous and 4K (4096x2160) at up to 120fps. That's four times 1080P resolution! Below are some examples of mostly 240fps and some 480fps mixed in:



This was a Philip Bloom two hour film challenge, at his master class workshop, shot at SFU Graduate building in Vancouver BC Canada.  Philip Bloom is a world renowned DP, director, filmmaker that has worked with many big name filmmakers such as George Lucas on his film Red Tails. We were given one prop and given a half hour to collaborate amongst our team. The teams contained for the most part three people that were complete strangers.  We had two hours to film everything and the edit was due the next morning. Heres what we came up with: 

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